Thursday, July 5, 2012

it's like taking candy from a baby!

how do you get a kid to say his first word?
you take away his candy and then he yells NO super loud.
it was awesome.  we had to try it a few times.  
but don't worry, as you can see by his face, he got plenty of chocolate.
"this is my serious candy eating face.  in case you're wondering." - benson
someone else in this world shares my affinity
for dark chocolate milky ways.
i told you he was smart.
one last tickle.  this kid's smile could
light up a pitch black room.


  1. you have got to the best aunt in the WORLD! too bad i can't be b/c someone i know is a tool. :) missssssss you BIG. come visit and sleep in the tent that is in my living room since i have no furniture. yes, i'm crazy but thought it would be entertaining.

  2. ha. thank you :) :) furniture is overrated anyways. :)