Friday, July 13, 2012


1 mile to little house ...
more like 128 miles from good ol shako

but it will be so worth it, right Laura?
yes, because everyone needs a childhood dream to come true.
i agree.  now lets go have
a talk in the barn about morals and being good citizens
while milking Bessy.
ahem..., did i give you permission to come here?


you are welcome to come.
carrie - where are you? you are supposed to fall down the hill for the zillioneth time.
seriously, what's up with the hair. 
did percy get perms?
the whole fam.  oh albert!! i missed you.
and blind husband guy who cried when he couldn't cross the river.

it's wonderful how childhood lives on,
but let's learn to let it go when it's time. 
avoid plastic surgery. or you will look like this:
not pretty melissa, not pretty.

also, ps, this book was poorly written, but
somewhat entertaining to flip through.
people were super mean to her in public
because they thought she was mean in real life. 
2012 - The Wilder Pageant
Walnut Grove, MINNESOTA :)

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