Friday, May 4, 2012

The Temple

I am so grateful that there is a temple in St. Paul, Minnesota.  It's lovely and blooming now; more than just a pretty face.  Like many things of any importance, it's the inside that counts.

Temple covenants and things of eternity are of significant interest here.  The entire picture, laid out for all who choose to see it in its beauty and entirety.

I remember how I felt when the Minnesota St. Paul Temple was dedicated.  This power that I didn't entirely understand "sunk deep into my heart".  How the ground, air and even the trees felt holy.

I fell in love with temples at a young age.  Many youth trips were devoted to driving to the Chicago temple.  There are so many fond memories of this time - so many dedicated leaders and Bishops, great times with friends and family members and fun activities in the Chicago area. 

I recently ordered some temple pictures from my dear friend Nell.  Aren't they lovely?
Adore button.
 I am so grateful for a temple in Minnesota.
I think that every time I go there.

Another favorite temple - from a dear friend -
now hangs on my red wall. <3

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