Wednesday, May 30, 2012

great finds in MN

1)  Lund's.  Ok, this is nothing new.  Lund's & Byerly's have been around for a long, long time.
But have you ever tried their cupcakes?  No?  Do it.  Just do it.
It puts this cupcake to shame:

Lund's makes their own homemade version; and yes, it's worth it.

2)  Rojo, at West End.  It's Mexican food with a kick.  Awesome guac, veggie tacos, and the best appetizer of grilled & seasoned sweet corn I've ever had. Thank you JennyWilson!

3)  Charming Charlie's & Love Couture at West End.  Fun, inexpensive jewelry and accessories.  Very similiar to Forever 21. 

4)  Licks in Excelcior.  You want rich, dark chocolate fudge icecream like you've never seen before?  Go there.  Plus their kid flavors are cotton candy, playdoh and bubblegum. 

I heart Minnesota!!

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