Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To Mormons, With Love

with all this talk about mitt romney, the book of mormon musical & other random things, it's interesting to see how this influences people who are not mormons.  there is much heresay going on.  a lot of speculation.  a lot of questions.  most of the people i've run into just want to know why we have so many commercials. :)  it's amusing, it really is. 

i read the first chapter of 'to mormons with love' for free on amazon, and was convinced to buy the online version for 7 dollars.  it looks like an enjoyable read and something that may help me see my religion a bit differently.  viewing things through other perspectives has always served me well, especially if those perspectives aren't attacking or degrading.  i'm not sure how people think that yelling at us or cutting our beliefs down will make us want to 'not be a mormon' anymore.  i never understood that. i never will.  i often thought of the scripture "…by gentleness and meekness and by love unfeigned" D&C 121:41 -  what a lovely concept.  i remember this woman we ran into while tracting on my mission.  she had light in her eyes and concern on her face.  i knew right away that she was different than the others - that there would be no door slam or angry words or insults.  while it was clear she did not share or agree with our beliefs, i could feel that she truly cared for our souls and that she was a kind and compassionate woman.  she asked if she could pray for us.  we said of course, and she took our hands and said the most kind, earnest prayer for us.   i don't remember exactly what she said, but i remember how i felt and what her face looked like.  that was 13 years ago, but i will never forget it.  i believe if we approach everyone like this - and maybe this is naive and silly - there would be more peace.  i guess i don't mind being naive and silly; i'm rather used to it.

*Update:  I read the entire book last night.  Quick, easy read.  I don't think it was a 4 or 5 star book like the reviews on Amazon, but i do think it has some valuable insights.

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  1. I love you, Marla. You have such wonderful insights.