Monday, April 23, 2012

things that made me happy last week

putting toys in sophia's arms and then taking pictures when she's sleeping.
going on a sunday afternoon walk with kiddos.
telling jake that he is promoting dandelion yards.
watching childlike wonder in realtime. 
going to the temple and seeing the blooming daffodils
seeing zayah try to reach his finger to pop my bubble of chewing gum.
(he did a great job)
getting a picture of sophie all ready for church
seeing madame butterfly on a whim at the ordway theater
watching a tragedy become
something beautiful.
going to the anoka stake sponsored concert 'why I believe'
and hearing music so beautiful that i felt like sobbing.
this woman played the violin,
song: Meditation from Jules Massenet's Thais
feeling tears streaming down my face,
knowing that this is what God intended
for music to sound like,
being thankful for the gift of music in my life

last but not least, listening to eva's three voicemails that i've had saved
on my phone for a year, and then watching benson kick his little legs:

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