Friday, April 6, 2012

newly discovered treats

1)  trader joe's brownies -- ready to bake.  as in they already mixed it up for you lazy people.  which works perfectly for me! because i can take a small spoonful, put it in a mug and microwave a small portion. plus i'm lazy. anyway, it's magic. 

i also love their cinnamon crumpets, the confetti rice that is sometimes not in stock, and some chocolate peanut butter dessert thing that i tried five eons ago but have never been able to locate since. 

ps - awesome blog i stumbled on -- all dedicated to the amazing t.j.'s.

2)  freestyle frozen yogurt

check out this awesome st paul blog:

you spin a wheel to figure out what price you pay per ounce.  now that's an original idea.   or you can just pay regular.  i did not spin.  don't judge, i'm just not lucky.

i like this place and menchie's the best.  cherry berry in shakopee is ok... but they don't have the awesome hot fudge and hot caramel goodness that anyone in their right mind would get when placing it on nonfat frozen yogurt.  you gotta add some more calories yo!

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  1. This made me really hungry, and now I want to go to Trader Joes