Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Lovely Parents

We are the family that leaps into the fray when there is a need. It's just what we do. I'd kick the habit, but it's kept me near God for a good many years.

I think it's ridiculous that someone has to go without a seat so her bag can take a ride! ~Mama

Titanic is a love story?  I beg to differ.  You mean to tell me she goes on with her life, gets married, has a beautiful family and then dies and reunited with the guy she spent about five minutes with and who drowned on the ship?  I don't think so!  That is not love! ~Mama

Why don't you try to hit every pothole in the road? -- Dad (commenting on my driving).  marla proceeds to REALLY hit every pothole in the road.  mom rolls her eyes and looks out the window.

Did you call that guy from American Family Insurance yet? -Dad (i got at least 4 voicemail messages about this).

Me:  huh?
Me:  what are you even saying?
Dad:  Get your BUTT HOME!

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