Friday, April 27, 2012

knock knock, who's there, kids. kids everywhere!

yawn.  so many options, so little time.
smile, cry, laugh, poop, eat, repeat
you should see this kid dribble. 
or run across the middle of the gym
while the game is being played.

the smiling stage. 
it's so enchanting.
maybe they smile because we doing
such stupid things to get them to smile.
zayah likes to wash dishes when he's at my house.
mostly it's just rinsing... but he did a very thorough job.
zayah.  couldn't catch him mid leap jumping into the huge pile bean bags
they wanted me to jump, but my germ phobia kept me on the sidelines.
jake.  awesome job buddy!!
we are the champions my friends!
target lady ayone?
so sophie is wayyyy cuter, but when she throws her
hands in the air, i can't help of think of target lady.
excuse me for a moment, gotta watch some clips on youtube now.
... and i'm back.
jake's trophy.  his 1st one ever.
i'm sure it will be the 1st of many.
because look how he plays defense! 
this kid has skillz!
what?  you wanna see sophie's smile one more time?  ok.
awwwww....  love this little girl. 

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