Wednesday, April 11, 2012

just a bunch of regular heros, dotting the earth, sharing the Gospel

oregonian elder
mexico elder uno
mexico elder dos
trekkie elder
super elder!
tebowing elder...
while bowling. 
can't hurt right?
(maybe i should try it,
my scores are terrible)

you want to have an amazing experience and get to know real heros?  teach seminary. if you don't have the calling, contact the seminary teacher and ask to sub.  get to know the youth in your ward.

all these boys shown above were in my class at one point.  now they are in the mission field, serving the Lord.  i am so proud of them.  they are such good young men.  their futures are 'so bright i gotta squint to see'.  

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  1. And I bet you send every one of them packages and letters galore:)