Saturday, March 3, 2012

reality star in reality

remember him?  from the show the bachelor that i don't ever, ever
watch because it's kinda trashy?

well here's kirk.  a minnesota boy, personal trainer, 5k runner,
has taxidermy dad, dumped by ali, perfect white teeth and
very buff exterior.  like super buff.

marla:  oh my gosh!! can i have a picture with you?
lincee collects pictures of the bachelors on her blog.
kirk:  lincee?  who is she?  was she on the show?
me:  no she wasn't on the show!  she's super famous - she writes a blog
on the bachelor and has tons and tons of fans.
kirk:  (blinks... crickets chirping... probably thinking of every lincee he knows)
me:  ok, bye!
mid jump.  note:  this is not me.  i am not ridiculous.
(at least not this kind of ridiculous)
Hope had gone on ahead - she's a real runner.
i saw an opportunity -- the 5k path went right by all the shuttle buses...
not more than  a few minutes later,
Hope was looking at me, hanging my head out the window
of the bus, yelling her name. 

 it was pretty classic.
i love finding ways to cheat my way through 5ks. 
it's what i do best.

ps don't tell my new personal trainer.
pps overheard at the race when this 45 year old woman saw kirk
"well i just found my running buddy - bye guys!"

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  1. Death shall become of you for not giving him my phone number if you didn't want it!!!!!! Plus, you know I would have jumped. It's on my bucket list. This is why I need to come back to MN. And of course I could borrow that sexy hat you have on. xo