Friday, March 30, 2012


our adventures have begun.  julie kept a few accounts with pictures on her blog (  my camera kept dying and i got sick of buying batteries so she took a majority of them.  i have about 160 and i'll post some soon.  it was a gorgeous trip -- the views were like pictures from a calendar.  i enjoyed every minute, even the ridiculous ones.  i'm lucky to have such a great friend to go on a whimsical jaunt through england with.  unforgettable!


julie:  smushed peas.  they are peas that are mushy, they may smush them more.

marla:  we are on perilous roads!  these are the perilous roads!

sign post:  oncoming cars may be in the middle lane

julie:  this chocolate dessert is the best brownie i've had in my entire life.
marla:  i'm going to drink the chocolate sauce.  i am sublimely happy.

old englishman:  are those muppets on your shirt?
marla:  why yes, indeed.
old englishman:  that movie wasn't half bad!
marla taking pictures of some englishmen bellied up to the bar "is this a crime scene or something?"

marla to shuttle driver:  do people pick up hitchhikers in england?

julie on the roundabouts:  count! you have to count the exits!! 
julie:  this yogurt tastes like ca ca.
car guy:  would you like extra insurance?  you can have up to 1,000 pounds or you can cover the cost of the whole car.  (what did he just say?)
julie:  let me just take care of this one.  you are sleep deprived.

marla:  why can't they widen these roads?  seriously!

marla:  that royal mail truck was trying to kill me.  deliberately.

julie:  it's 11 o'clock!  we overslept!!  checkout time is 11!

julie:  thanks, snickers make everything better

marla & julie:  there's an INTERMISSION in the hunger games?  are you kidding me?  in the most pivotal part of the movie?

marla:  oh the daffodils!!
julie:  there's a poem about daffodils by wordsworth.
marla:  really?
julie:  recites entire poem.
marla:  impressive!

english person:  you drove in england?  you rented a car and drove here from the airport? us:  yes. us
english person:  wow.

marla:  our bathroom is bigger than our bedroom!

marla:  oh i get it, a pastie is like a fancy overpriced hot pocket!

julie:  here, record me while i give a tour of this area. what's all the bleeting about?
marla:  it's because this car almost hit the trailer with all the sheeps in it!

marla:  sheeps! there are so many sheeps!!

julie:  i'm trying to have an elizabeth bennet moment -- can you direct me to the moors?

hotel lady:  here is your room key, you need a special elevator that will bring you to the -2 floor.
julie:  excuse me?  is our hotel room in the basement?  i reserved a cliff side room.
hotel lady:  yes, it's in the basement.
julie:  uh... what is your return policy?
hotel lady:  after you check in, there is no return policy

marla:  we're going to die!
julie:  aahhhheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

marla:  oh my gosh, robinhood prince of thieves is on
julie:  no kidding

julie, earlier in the day:  everything i doooooo i doooooo it for yooooooooouuuuuuu

english phrases/words that we came upon:  (always entertaining!)

baked potatoes = jacket potatoes
pancakes = oat cakes
road from hell = roundabout or perilous road
black pudding = nothing at all like bread pudding - try coagulated blood
middle finger = two fingers (not explaining that one, i'll let the old man in the park tell you about it which is where we learned it)
regular water or tap water = still
parking lot = car park
fries = chips (very confusing english people, very confusing)
garbage can = rubbish bin
cliff side room = rock in the window
breakfast = no pancakes or waffles, ever
penny = p (for pence)
vacuum = hoover
vacation = holiday
jacket = jumper
elevator = lift
diaper = nappy
zip code = post code
swim suit = swimming costume
rain boots = wellies

julie's book is out - it's on amazon or deseret book.  it's a keeper!

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