Friday, March 30, 2012


our adventures have begun.  julie kept a few accounts with pictures on her blog (  my camera kept dying and i got sick of buying batteries so she took a majority of them.  i have about 160 and i'll post some soon.  it was a gorgeous trip -- the views were like pictures from a calendar.  i enjoyed every minute, even the ridiculous ones.  i'm lucky to have such a great friend to go on a whimsical jaunt through england with.  unforgettable!


julie:  smushed peas.  they are peas that are mushy, they may smush them more.

marla:  we are on perilous roads!  these are the perilous roads!

sign post:  oncoming cars may be in the middle lane

julie:  this chocolate dessert is the best brownie i've had in my entire life.
marla:  i'm going to drink the chocolate sauce.  i am sublimely happy.

old englishman:  are those muppets on your shirt?
marla:  why yes, indeed.
old englishman:  that movie wasn't half bad!
marla taking pictures of some englishmen bellied up to the bar "is this a crime scene or something?"

marla to shuttle driver:  do people pick up hitchhikers in england?

julie on the roundabouts:  count! you have to count the exits!! 
julie:  this yogurt tastes like ca ca.
car guy:  would you like extra insurance?  you can have up to 1,000 pounds or you can cover the cost of the whole car.  (what did he just say?)
julie:  let me just take care of this one.  you are sleep deprived.

marla:  why can't they widen these roads?  seriously!

marla:  that royal mail truck was trying to kill me.  deliberately.

julie:  it's 11 o'clock!  we overslept!!  checkout time is 11!

julie:  thanks, snickers make everything better

marla & julie:  there's an INTERMISSION in the hunger games?  are you kidding me?  in the most pivotal part of the movie?

marla:  oh the daffodils!!
julie:  there's a poem about daffodils by wordsworth.
marla:  really?
julie:  recites entire poem.
marla:  impressive!

english person:  you drove in england?  you rented a car and drove here from the airport? us:  yes. us
english person:  wow.

marla:  our bathroom is bigger than our bedroom!

marla:  oh i get it, a pastie is like a fancy overpriced hot pocket!

julie:  here, record me while i give a tour of this area. what's all the bleeting about?
marla:  it's because this car almost hit the trailer with all the sheeps in it!

marla:  sheeps! there are so many sheeps!!

julie:  i'm trying to have an elizabeth bennet moment -- can you direct me to the moors?

hotel lady:  here is your room key, you need a special elevator that will bring you to the -2 floor.
julie:  excuse me?  is our hotel room in the basement?  i reserved a cliff side room.
hotel lady:  yes, it's in the basement.
julie:  uh... what is your return policy?
hotel lady:  after you check in, there is no return policy

marla:  we're going to die!
julie:  aahhhheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

marla:  oh my gosh, robinhood prince of thieves is on
julie:  no kidding

julie, earlier in the day:  everything i doooooo i doooooo it for yooooooooouuuuuuu

english phrases/words that we came upon:  (always entertaining!)

baked potatoes = jacket potatoes
pancakes = oat cakes
road from hell = roundabout or perilous road
black pudding = nothing at all like bread pudding - try coagulated blood
middle finger = two fingers (not explaining that one, i'll let the old man in the park tell you about it which is where we learned it)
regular water or tap water = still
parking lot = car park
fries = chips (very confusing english people, very confusing)
garbage can = rubbish bin
cliff side room = rock in the window
breakfast = no pancakes or waffles, ever
penny = p (for pence)
vacuum = hoover
vacation = holiday
jacket = jumper
elevator = lift
diaper = nappy
zip code = post code
swim suit = swimming costume
rain boots = wellies

julie's book is out - it's on amazon or deseret book.  it's a keeper!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

dog and kid

OTIS:  ruff ruff (Jana, why don't you like me anymore?)
Sophia:   heh heh heh

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

The English Language

Phrases that annoy:
  • I'm not gonna lie
  • To be honest with you
  • It is what it is
  • It's about a 40 minute wait
  • You look tired
  • That item was discontinued
Phrases I love:
  • Whipped cream with that?
  • I can help you over here (in a super long line anywhere)
  • The closing prayer will be given by ...
  • Store-wide sale
  • On time, non-stop flight
  • More bacon?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

can. you. get. any. cuter.

warning:  my heart is getting close to bursting.
all of my babies will be in one place, MY place,
MY lovely Minnesota, on May 9th.   
miracles do happen.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

sneaky little people

the scene:  marla, taking chloe & jake to swimming lessons on a lovely & bright saturday morning.

marla:  guys -- stay here for one minute -- be right back

jake & chloe:  innocent faces, nodding.  bright eyes sparkling.

marla:  [gone 2 seconds] you guys?  you guys! where are you?

jake & chloe:  giggling and whispering in the hall right outside the locker room.

random dad who was a witness:  yeah, they were talking about it and laughing, i heard the whole thing.

marla:  lovely.  you guys are in big trouble.  only one candy bar for each of you.  get in the car you rascals.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Anyone have 2200 bucks?

i gotta meet will gardner. stat. send checks to marla in amounts of tens and twenties and hundreds. thankseversomuch.

and don't you think it's worth it? it's for charity!
for charity!
purely charity, not for me at. all.
pinky swear
(fingers crossed behind back)

Monday, March 12, 2012

sophia noelle - early morning hours

just joshin'
she is very pleasant at 5 a.m. in the morning.
her yawn may be bigger than she is
just hanging out
i love her eye contact
she is mesmerizing
sophia helped me make some pumpkin bread for breakfast.
it was delicious.  except she forgot to spray the bread pan with pam.
she'll learn eventually.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

letting the freak flag fly

i wish everyone could kiss his cheek and feel how soft it is. <3
i love how the shadows make it look like i have a black eye.
it's one of my bucket list items.
 plus i love how jake will play along with me. 
pictures with regular smiles are overrated. 
just letting our freak flags fly.

Friday, March 9, 2012

To All My Babies

Jake, Chloe, Isaiah, Eva, Benson & Sophia
La La loves you!

*credit here

Thursday, March 8, 2012

a little bit of heaven

tons o' flavors (red velvet, chocolate dream, peanut butter)
tons o' toppings (peanut butter sauce!! genius)
tons o' cuteness with the cups, spoons, decor

bet you thought i was going to blog about sophia...
she's a LOTTA heaven. 
not just a little.  ;)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

what happens when you use the iphone flash

the reason i wanted reva to take a picture of isaiah, is because
he looks so cute when he puts his hands behind his head ...
he's such a chill kid.  what a character.

Monday, March 5, 2012

just another day in paradise

this is just what we do when we have time to kill in between classes.
really strengthens the abs.  (and tires them out for primary - i'm tricky, i know)

ps - unfortunately, there is no picture from sunday's lesson
on king benjamin's address to the people... we had a tent set up, with the door
open to a picture of the temple.  and it was pretty awesome, at least
until one kid wouldn't get out of the tent.

"when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God"

i wonder if king benjamin was in toastmasters.  he seems to be a pro at giving speeches.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

reality star in reality

remember him?  from the show the bachelor that i don't ever, ever
watch because it's kinda trashy?

well here's kirk.  a minnesota boy, personal trainer, 5k runner,
has taxidermy dad, dumped by ali, perfect white teeth and
very buff exterior.  like super buff.

marla:  oh my gosh!! can i have a picture with you?
lincee collects pictures of the bachelors on her blog.
kirk:  lincee?  who is she?  was she on the show?
me:  no she wasn't on the show!  she's super famous - she writes a blog
on the bachelor and has tons and tons of fans.
kirk:  (blinks... crickets chirping... probably thinking of every lincee he knows)
me:  ok, bye!
mid jump.  note:  this is not me.  i am not ridiculous.
(at least not this kind of ridiculous)
Hope had gone on ahead - she's a real runner.
i saw an opportunity -- the 5k path went right by all the shuttle buses...
not more than  a few minutes later,
Hope was looking at me, hanging my head out the window
of the bus, yelling her name. 

 it was pretty classic.
i love finding ways to cheat my way through 5ks. 
it's what i do best.

ps don't tell my new personal trainer.
pps overheard at the race when this 45 year old woman saw kirk
"well i just found my running buddy - bye guys!"

Say that again

Me: what's going on today?
Mom: we moved the bed out of Eva's room.
Me: say that again?
Mom: say what again?
Me: Eva's room. :)
Mom: Eva's room.

Just a few more weeks!

Friday, March 2, 2012

the newest addition


me:  james, you are going to be a great dad. 
james:  i know

hippie nurse:  think of your cervix as a flower, let it open and bloom.
me:  i think i just swallowed my gum.

custodian:  women are a powerful people.

hippie nurse:  would you like some essential oil, like lavender? 

marla:  jana, are you drunk right now?

jana & marla:  giggling at hippie nurse
james:  stop laughing!  she is trying to do her job!! don't be mean.
jana & marla:  more giggling
marla:  jana, why'd you marry such a nice guy.  geesh.  we can't say anything around him.

hippie nurse:  (baby is crying)  she's just telling you about her journey... and how it went. 

different nurse:  oh your baby is so beautiful!
marla:  what do you say to the mothers of the ugly babies?
marla:  i guess that joke didn't go over well. 

jana:  where is my freaking ketchup! i can't eat my veggie burger without it!!

marla:  i read this article where women in times of yore would go into the woods and create a little birthing space about 50 days before they gave birth.  and then they would have the baby alone, in the woods, and it was very calm and peaceful and lovely. 
hippie nurse:  that was probably in underdeveloped countries.  they don't do that any more.  and besides, the women of the clan would help the mother and stay with her the whole time.
marla:  you don't say.
hippie nurse:  well, we will be jana's clan.  we will help her and surround her.  we are her clan. 

reva:  marla, if you're gonna be here you have to BE here. 
marla:  what does that even mean.

reva:  i need more of those lemon cookies from keys cafe.

reva: i just drank a 5 hour energy.  but marla, your diet dr. pepper 20 ounce has almost as much caffeine as my drink!  plus yours doesn't have ANY VITAMINS OR GOOD STUFF. 
marla:  burn!

reva:  i'm feeding her with my finger! 

jana:  take a picture with her hat off.  i want everyone to know she has hair!!

marla:  here's her very first sock monkey. 

i love you sweet sophia noelle!  welcome to the crazy clan.

oh you darling Muppets you

you may be making your hollywood comeback, but you're always been number 1 in my book (along with matt damon, the vampire diaries, LOST, anything with chocolate in it, diet coke, cupcakes, the hunger games trilogy and spring oreos).

Thursday, March 1, 2012

i told you so

i told you he wanted to marry me, but you didn't believe me.

"I'd want to name my daughter Nebraska. She'd have red hair and freckles, like a Wyatt painting." - Bradley Cooper

how else is he going to have a daughter with red hair and freckles?  he HAS to marry me. 

love, future mrs. bradley cooper

oh you wanna argue with me? see below.
the heart wants what the heart wants.