Thursday, February 23, 2012

you may now call me 'published'

the 'unabridged' version.
Look, I'm a huge fan of your magazine.  It's my favorite, and I really look forward to reading up on all the fun gossip.  However, I am disappointed by the cover that will be shortly coming out on the Vampire Diaries.  This magazine goes into a lot of homes with people who have children.  I'm all about looking at attractive people, but when you pull up the new cover for EW at work and have to cover your screen because it looks like porn, then you might have a problem.  I know I did.  Next time - cover up a bit more (sheets don't count).  Modest is Hottest.
Marla Kucera, Minneapolis, MN

if ian somerhaulder calls me about this letter, i am going to die. 

no wait, i won't.  i will say modest is the hottest... and then tell him to send me an autographed picture with him fully clothed. and then i'll invite him over for hot chocolate.  and we will get married, have a few babies, and not allow our children to parade around in sheets for a magazine. 

the end.

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