Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why certain condiments make me cry ...

pease... pease... a little bit of cheese... -eva
what is she talking about? - marla
she eats parmesan cheese now - emily, pouring
about 1/2 a cup into a bowl.
ok then. - marla
~chowing down~ - eva

this kids loves whipped cream, parmesan cheese &
spray butter (directly into her mouth, not kidding)

i missed you when i made spaghetti last night
and put parmesan cheese on top. 
i missed you when i asked for whipped cream
on my starbucks hot chocolate.
i missed you when i used
spray butter on
my broccoli.

so if you see some tears, it's only because
i'm thinking of my little eva. 


  1. Seriously this girl has some weird eating habits!

  2. She asked for you today. Just so you know.