Friday, February 24, 2012

jake & the keychain

(yes, i know i need an iphone, shaddyupyerface)

so.  one day, jake and i were playing with legos and i told him i wanted
to get one of the lego keychains.
he goes into the toy room and starts digging through this
massive pile of legos.  we dug for about 15 minutes and kept
pulling out different keychains.   'marla', he said 'you can have
one of my lego keychains' and then he'd find one and say
'but not this one'.  and then we kept digging, and find more
and he'd say 'but not this one either'.  i thought
he wanted to keep them all and was just being too nice to say anything.

he finally found one i could have,
but i said i would go buy my own. 
he wanted me to have his keychain
and he wasn't taking no for an answer.
and that was the end of that.

so now, i have a r2d2 lego keychain.

he might be bigger, but he can't fool me.
he still has those baby blue eyes that make
me want to hold him and rock him forever...
but i refrain.  because i'm trying to
be the cool, laid back aunt. 
plus it would be
weird & awkward and his
parents might call the police.

the end.

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