Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy heart day

i adore valentine's day! i'm being serious!  i love the colors, the candy, the cheesiness, the hallmark specials, the flowers.  i love it all.  i love seeing men carrying roses for someone.  they have this look on their face that says 'i love someone and i can't wait to give her flowers'.  really, it just melts my heart.

i love giving valentines & candy to my friends.  i love thinking about all the people i love.  i don't even mind the commercialism.  i especially love the day AFTER valentine's day when all the candy is 50% off.  because come on, how can you not love that.

i love little kid valentines.  the kind they make themselves and the way they spell their names with a few backwards letters.  i love how they draw happy people and hearts and x's and o's.

i'm going to give out my valentines tomorrow, because today i am sick in bed.  but that's ok, because candy and cards will make people smile on february 15th too.  because it's never a bad time to tell people that you love them and are grateful for them.

here's a project i participated in -- it's called http://howtowriteacrazyloveletter.wordpress.com/.  emilia set up an etsy shop after making these beautiful posters.  so i hung them up around the city.  i felt like i was a secret agent... for spreading the love.  <3

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