Friday, February 10, 2012

Get in your PJs, we're going to the library.

"Do you mean to tell me that my children have waltzing around Salzburg in nothing but drapes!?" - captain
"Mmmhmm. And having a marvelous time of it." -maria

i don't dress children in drapes,
 but having a pajama party
at the library
is perfectly acceptable. 
too bad you can't see that chloe
is wearing footed pjs. 
with winter boots.
come on now, it could catch on. 
zayah in his little pj suit.
heads were turned!  he's looking dapper.
in this picture you can't tell that these kids are
surrounded by books.  NBD (no big deal - yeah, i've been
getting into the texting lingo). 

who needs books when we have ipads, laptops, iphones.

before the library, we were making a gigantic fort in the
living room.  creativity was used and no lives were lost.

all in all, a great day.

but hmmm.... back to those drapes.  i believe
they would make some awesome forts.

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