Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An example of "literal"

texting - always another in another dimension when it comes to my father.

me:  where r u?  jana's water broke!

dad:  im getting my umbrella

so many choices dad.  let me know which one you want. xo

ps - i finally got published in 'when parents text'. because my dad is hilarious, i've sent in several but they never posted them... until now. 


i'm telling ya, someday i'm going to get a ctr tattoo.
just a tiny one, on my ankle or something.
just because of the delicious irony.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

jake & the keychain

(yes, i know i need an iphone, shaddyupyerface)

so.  one day, jake and i were playing with legos and i told him i wanted
to get one of the lego keychains.
he goes into the toy room and starts digging through this
massive pile of legos.  we dug for about 15 minutes and kept
pulling out different keychains.   'marla', he said 'you can have
one of my lego keychains' and then he'd find one and say
'but not this one'.  and then we kept digging, and find more
and he'd say 'but not this one either'.  i thought
he wanted to keep them all and was just being too nice to say anything.

he finally found one i could have,
but i said i would go buy my own. 
he wanted me to have his keychain
and he wasn't taking no for an answer.
and that was the end of that.

so now, i have a r2d2 lego keychain.

he might be bigger, but he can't fool me.
he still has those baby blue eyes that make
me want to hold him and rock him forever...
but i refrain.  because i'm trying to
be the cool, laid back aunt. 
plus it would be
weird & awkward and his
parents might call the police.

the end.


(not to be confused with the MUPPET Caper)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

you may now call me 'published'

the 'unabridged' version.
Look, I'm a huge fan of your magazine.  It's my favorite, and I really look forward to reading up on all the fun gossip.  However, I am disappointed by the cover that will be shortly coming out on the Vampire Diaries.  This magazine goes into a lot of homes with people who have children.  I'm all about looking at attractive people, but when you pull up the new cover for EW at work and have to cover your screen because it looks like porn, then you might have a problem.  I know I did.  Next time - cover up a bit more (sheets don't count).  Modest is Hottest.
Marla Kucera, Minneapolis, MN

if ian somerhaulder calls me about this letter, i am going to die. 

no wait, i won't.  i will say modest is the hottest... and then tell him to send me an autographed picture with him fully clothed. and then i'll invite him over for hot chocolate.  and we will get married, have a few babies, and not allow our children to parade around in sheets for a magazine. 

the end.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

exciting new development

a digital lite brite? 
where you can create your own templates and print them out?
yes please!

ps what are you waiting for?!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Jana's 130th baby shower

Jana is due ANY. DAY. NOW.  Baby girl needs to come out and play.  ANY.DAY.NOW.  I know Jana is a bit more impatient than me to have this baby for some reason... ;)

Here are a few pics from her lovely shower at claudia's house. 

sisters - minus one
emily was probably hiding in the closet.
she's shy.
treat bags. 
filled with random stuff.
probably more appropriate for 10 year olds, but whatever.
red velvet cake
and cupcakes.
please notice the humongous pot
of soup in the background.
let's just say claudia's soup is
grandma 'sota & chloe
(eva calls grandma k, grandma sota - short for minnesota)
she really wasn't crabby -- she was
a perfect angel at the shower.
this one, on the other hand, ran over to the
candy dish and grabbed some hershey kisses
and ran away faster than you can say chocolate.
i caught her in the act -- so her face is pretty priceless.


Quote from the shower:
Can I just spray a little PAM down there
right before the baby comes out?
-Amy Poehler, on Baby Mama

random picture blog

new trend -- cat breading.  makes me laugh.
and i don't even like cats.
a delayed valentine. 
dear emma, why do you love me so much?
i don't deserve you.
warning -- when ordering bubble wrap, one must
specify how much one wants.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

mY jOb: iN A nUtShEll

A Ballet in New York

don't be scared of the menacing looking pirate
when you open the link.
 it really was the most beautiful thing
i've seen in a long time. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

flashback - sister kucera the 2nd


just remember emily, i was the first sister kucera. 

you may have had a more exciting mission.  my stories of meth labs, rabid dogs, gangstas & cockroaches may not compare to argentina, but let's just say you may have gotten the better end of the deal. ;)

love you more than all the missions in the world,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy heart day

i adore valentine's day! i'm being serious!  i love the colors, the candy, the cheesiness, the hallmark specials, the flowers.  i love it all.  i love seeing men carrying roses for someone.  they have this look on their face that says 'i love someone and i can't wait to give her flowers'.  really, it just melts my heart.

i love giving valentines & candy to my friends.  i love thinking about all the people i love.  i don't even mind the commercialism.  i especially love the day AFTER valentine's day when all the candy is 50% off.  because come on, how can you not love that.

i love little kid valentines.  the kind they make themselves and the way they spell their names with a few backwards letters.  i love how they draw happy people and hearts and x's and o's.

i'm going to give out my valentines tomorrow, because today i am sick in bed.  but that's ok, because candy and cards will make people smile on february 15th too.  because it's never a bad time to tell people that you love them and are grateful for them.

here's a project i participated in -- it's called http://howtowriteacrazyloveletter.wordpress.com/.  emilia set up an etsy shop after making these beautiful posters.  so i hung them up around the city.  i felt like i was a secret agent... for spreading the love.  <3

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Little Book of Mormon Reenactment Never Hurt Nobody...

that is, unless they tied the ropes too tight.
Ephraim didn't seem to mind. 
Plus I finally got to use the teaching
technique that is usually off limits.
(tying children up in primary is
usually frowned upon, go figure)

Nephi, on a ship, and his brothers tie him up.
The storm comes, the brother repent,
and they are saved
from the storm. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Get in your PJs, we're going to the library.

"Do you mean to tell me that my children have waltzing around Salzburg in nothing but drapes!?" - captain
"Mmmhmm. And having a marvelous time of it." -maria

i don't dress children in drapes,
 but having a pajama party
at the library
is perfectly acceptable. 
too bad you can't see that chloe
is wearing footed pjs. 
with winter boots.
come on now, it could catch on. 
zayah in his little pj suit.
heads were turned!  he's looking dapper.
in this picture you can't tell that these kids are
surrounded by books.  NBD (no big deal - yeah, i've been
getting into the texting lingo). 

who needs books when we have ipads, laptops, iphones.

before the library, we were making a gigantic fort in the
living room.  creativity was used and no lives were lost.

all in all, a great day.

but hmmm.... back to those drapes.  i believe
they would make some awesome forts.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

just a teensy bit of child labor

she's so cute, isn't she?  she's at such a fun age... she laughs when i tell her dumb jokes, she plays along and tell me my outfit is cute when it's completely ridiculous, and at the store when i trick her into carrying all my stuff she smiles at me with her big green eyes.

this girl makes me laugh.  when i stop by, she's the first to run to the door and hug me.  i love her soooooo much. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why certain condiments make me cry ...

pease... pease... a little bit of cheese... -eva
what is she talking about? - marla
she eats parmesan cheese now - emily, pouring
about 1/2 a cup into a bowl.
ok then. - marla
~chowing down~ - eva

this kids loves whipped cream, parmesan cheese &
spray butter (directly into her mouth, not kidding)

i missed you when i made spaghetti last night
and put parmesan cheese on top. 
i missed you when i asked for whipped cream
on my starbucks hot chocolate.
i missed you when i used
spray butter on
my broccoli.

so if you see some tears, it's only because
i'm thinking of my little eva. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Jumping off a Cliff

For a small fee of  225-375 Euro, one can stay in a Castle on a Cliff. 
I wonder if we threw ourselves off the cliff
after staying there if we would still have to pay
our bill (after breakfast of course). 
Just considering all of our options.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Scratch N Sniff

Walk down memory lane for you sticker collectors. 
You're welcome.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

my little rebel rousers

8-9 year olds. 
all boys. 
every sunday.
zoom zoom.

some sundays, i need two diet cokes. ;)