Wednesday, January 18, 2012

up north quotes oct 2005

the following is what is found
when i clean out my closets
and go through old journals and notebooks.
"jana, it's so nice that we can bond together in the back seat" - Marla
"not in my face, not in my space"  - Jana

"why is there two of everyone?" - Reva, stumbling around the hotel room after taking ambien

"who says you can't eat two desserts?!" - Reva

"reva, get back in your bed now!" - Marla

"we're going to play games and stay up ALL NIGHT!" - Reva

"jana, you sound like napolean dynamite... again" - Marla

"emily, hide in the back seat when we check into the hotel.  we are over the limit" - Reva
"great, it's just like the good ol days" - Emily

"can you get that seaweed off my pizza?" Jana, (and it was rosemary, not seaweed).

"oh my gosh - put out the candles! the fire alarm is right up there!" Marla, on her birthday cake situation in the hotel.

"you know what?  the heat is not necessary.  i have lots of hot flashes."  Reva

"it's my birthday and you have to do what i say". Marla
well ok marla, but this is your LAST SONG." Jana, while at Lutsen lodge

"too. much. physical. activity!" Reva, on a hike.

"marla, it's called mecho-litis" Jana, trying to explain her cough drops
"uh, no i don't think so, try "mentho lyptus" Marla

"those ginger snaps are really SPECIAL" - Old lady at Toby's bakery

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