Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Those Catholics really know how to Party!

Midnight Mass - St. Mary's Basilica December 2011
comic relief --
some little kid (or maybe it was dan)
colored on mary's face on the program.
i loved the wreath hanging from the ceiling.
wonder if one will fit in my living room?
this guy was smiling the whole time.
he was taking it all in, like a kid at a candy store.
dan's Catholic friend bob is to the left.
they bonded.
the whole church was dark, and then we all lit
the candles, row by row. 
the front of the basilica.
we were way in the back -- for the mass.
then moved up to practically the front row
for the Christmas program. it was incredible.
i've always wanted to go there on Christmas
Eve and because dan was game, i finally did it!

PS The Christmas miracle was that
I stayed awake enough to enjoy it.
PPS This is supposed to be the best Christmas Eve
Mass in the Twin Cities.  I can't really say because I haven't
been to many, but this one is really spectacular.

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