Monday, January 23, 2012

and the LOST obsession continues on ....

Well hello Boone! It's lovely to see you again.
You may still be dead,
but you are still hot. 
way 2 go.
You may not be able to see what she is picking up, but
you better believe I noticed it.  It's an APOLLO candy bar -
the ones that were used on LOST.
Alcatraz with the loveable and comedic Jorge Garcia.
Long live Hurley!
Well hello there Claire!
You brushed your hair!
Good job!
Anyone miss Flocke?  (fake Locke?)
Or maybe you miss the kind hearted, naive John? 
Flip your channel to Hawaii Five-0 to catch him
in more action packed drama.
Last but not least, freaky ben is the star of Person
of Interest.  Haven't watched it yet... and I can't
say I really miss him.