Friday, December 2, 2011

Let the Record State - Movies & TV Edition

Let the record state:
  • I am a VINTAGE Muppet Fan.  This means I love the original movies.  This means I've watched the real Muppet Show, in childhood and in college.  This means that I may not like the new Muppet movie.
  • I ADORE the show Parks & Rec and if they cancel, I will be "occupying" myself in front of the NBC building. 
  • Favorite line from last's night epi:  “Leslie Knope: ‘Let the record state that I, Leslie Knope, love Ben Wyatt. I love him with all of my heart.’ Did you get that?’ Ethel Beavers: ‘Yes, I got it.'” Ben and Leslie kissed perfectly while Ethel piped up:  'Can I get a ride home? It's freezing.”  ADORKABLE!!
  • I heart "New Girl".   Jess: Believe it or not, that's not the first time someone's broken my feeling stick. I have a travel size. Nick: Did you just make up a theme song for yourself? Schmidt:  And I don't want to hear Schmidt, Schmidt, you're using too much tarragon.  Because I'm not.
  • Vampire Diaries doesn't start up again until January 5 and I don't know if I can live a normal life until then. 
  • I need to see Breaking Dawn again.  One more time.  By myself.  So no one else makes me laugh and I can enjoy the embarrassing parts with no judgment.
  • This looks like a super fun messy projects for me and kiddos.  Nothing says Christmas like colored snow. Wait a minute...
  • Favorite holiday movies: 
    • The Family Stone (You have a freak flag. You just don't fly it.)
    • The Muppet Christmas Carol (Muppets!)
    • Home Alone (KEVIN!)
    • ELF (Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?)
    • The Family Man (my bell, she stole my bell!)
    • While You Were Sleeping (These potatoes are so creamy. Mary mashed them.)
    • Swiss Family Robinson (The world is full of nice, ordinary little people who live in nice, ordinary little houses on the ground. But didn't you ever dream of a house up on a tree top?

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