Friday, December 30, 2011

December has been Kind

sharing a harry & david pear with darling benson (7 months) in the backseat of the car on the way to the temple

seeing the tired bishop, still smiling, after a long sabbath day

repeatedly hearing 'la la' from the sweetest tiniest voice from a little one

being with my family in the temple, all dressed in white, with eternity in full view

devouring frango mints.  yum.  you should try one.  i would share but ... mmphuh, chew, lick fingers, gone.

wrapping white elephant gifts.  this may be my favorite holiday tradition.  just wait til you see what i have in store for this year

kurt metzger's concert

finding christmas presents on my desk at work

holding a very new baby Greyson

watching Jana open her presents for her first baby shower

playing, tickling, chasing the kiddos around the house and hearing their chaotic, beautiful laughter

The Christmas Devotional from the Prophet of the Lord

remembering and focusing more on the Savior

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