Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tom Cruise or Robert Pattinson?

Went shopping for glass... in an actual store.  I've ordered a bunch online and they are fine, but they don't fit as well and aren't great quality (shocker).  But this week, I found two fun pairs (clearance! sale at Lenscrafters), one regular, and one pair of sunglasses.

I say to the girl when she shows me the Ray bans 'oh, these makes me think of that movie ...' and she goes 'Risky Business'?  And I said 'no... Robert Pattinson likes to wear these'.

And then all of a sudden, I said 'pretend I didn't say that'.  Because there I was, 30+ years old, talking about Twilight, in public.

I later found out that she was 24 years old.  Not only that, she wasn't even born when Risky Business came out. 

Role reversal much?  This may be what you call a teenage midlife crisis.  I'll act my age, I promise.

PS I haven't even seen Risky Business the whole way through.
PPS I was lying.  I will never act my age. 
PPPS I already have my tickets to Breaking Dawn.

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  1. lol :-) Must I choose? While Tom is in my age bracket, I find Robert supremely attractive - thanks, of course, to Twilight. Team Edward, all the way. :-)

    I found you via Man Meets Scale; love finding new, like-minded bloggers. :-)