Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Kiddos, Happy Me

Eva, 2 years old, going on 13
Benson, 7 months old.
Eva, contemplating the myriad of colors for her toes.
Uh... Eva, I was sucking on that Ipod earlier, it's mine.  ~Benson
what the bathtub looks like when i go to take a shower
phase i put the toys away, proceed to shower
phase ii move the toys to the other side of the bathtub, proceed to shower
phase iii pick up the toys and play with them, fill up the bathtub instead of shower 
sign in my grandma's bathroom.  i got it for her years ago.
amazing how true it can be... ;)
my roommate.  i was only her roommate for about five minutes.
but i still had a good time. 
smile & drool, repeat all day.
i dressed her. 
my beautiful sister, who is a beautiful mother, inside & out
call the cheesy police, i just started spouting hallmark crap.
but i really mean it.  love you em. xooox

what i did over thanskgiving:  hold babies, eat super good food, sleep; repeat.  add some insane shopping, temple, driving & playing.


  1. Oh. Too cute. I can't wait to see the Allens and start a bunch of new traditions!!

  2. Those cute kids are growing up way too fast! I also love the last picture of Emily and Benson. She should frame it and put it in his room. :)