Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Family Quote book

"Now look what you've done!"
"You're burning the deck!"
"She's what we call a live one."
"This tastes like lime air!"
"I am 63 years old.  You can't tell me what to do anymore."
"What! Since when did all of you start using eye cream?!  When was someone going to tell me about this?"
"This meat is so tender!"
It's feels like 8 p.m. ... "no it doesn't, it feels like PARTY TIME!" 
"Did she take an ambien?"

Who said what? What's your guess? The prize is a Little Debbie Swiss Roll. 

Here are names to choose from:


(why little debbie?  because it can bring world peace...)


  1. Well none of them belong to me.


  2. i was going to say your mom:) and if i win i want the nutty bard. i hate hoho's.

  3. Laura said the thing about the eye cream. I said the 63 and you can't boss me around. Dad said you're burning the deck. I lied before. Mom

  4. emily said the thing about the eye cream. :)
    she didn't know we were all using that stuff. now we will all look younger than our youngest sister. booyah.

    laura said the thing about the lime air when we were at redstone for stacy's birthday.

    eva is the 'live one' as they call it when they get a kid that comes in that screams her head off when a shot is given. :)

    mom is the 'i'm 63 and you can't boss me' but i've heard my dad say that to me many times as well, but with a different number. ;)

    jana said 'now look what you've done' when i went into her front door and otis got out and i am still laughing about that.

    i said the thing about the ambien to reva at our sisters -1 trip and reva said the thing about it being party time because she was kid free.

    mom, you get a nutty bar just for getting one right. :) dad - burning the deck. xo