Tuesday, November 22, 2011

break a .... dawn

breaking dawn movie review

what.the.crap. was up with the wolves.  every scene was laughable.  especially when they are speaking telephatically.  embarrassing.  when you see that part come on, it's ok to run out for a bathroom break.  trust me, you won't miss anything.

the stare, during the imprinting part.  looking at a baby like that should be illegal. 

the sex.  i was under my jacket for half of it so i really can't comment.  but it was uncomfortable.

the chess playing.  really, how can anyone play the game more than once.  what about yahtzee?  or that game where you roll the pigs?  heck even hungry hippos would be more interesting.

the graphic birth scene.  at first i was like this isn't that gory, why is everyone talking about it.  but on further reflection, it was sick.  s.i.c.k.  it was awful to see the CGI effects make bella look like an eating disorder was killing her.  a little too close to home.  and really, did he need to use his teeth to get the baby out?  how about a knife.  or a any.other.object.besides.his.teeth.

the resurrection scene of bella.  i'm convinced that when we all get resurrected, it's gonna be just.like.that.  awesome.  pure awesome. i can't wait to see that again.

some of robert pattinson's facial expressions were downright hysterical.

i am fascinated with kristin stewart's eyebrows. they are perfect.  mine look like this:

the random popping up of vampire heads in bella's window on her wedding night.

the scene where they are setting up for the wedding and everyone is casually picking up entire trees & massive benches.

for a great review, play by play, check out Alison's blog:  http://www.alisoncanread.com/2011/11/movie-review-breaking-dawn-part-1.html.


  1. The sex was my favorite part, in addition to all the shots of Bella in underwear.

  2. You are hilarious. I loved it. I had no expectations just enjoyed the love story. Yes this coming from your sap if a friend who's a sucker for weddings, love, babies and wishing my body would suddenly be perfect;) xo