Friday, November 18, 2011

Beautiful Canal Park - Sisters (-1) trip 2011

hi daddy - remember that 50 dollar sweatshirt that you bought jana one year on family vacation? she wants you to know she still has it.  the s.s. william a. irving ship.  ring any bells (pun intended)
 the lovely & stunning aerial lift bridge.  we heard honking in the early morning, but it isn't nearly as bad at the train in shakopee that HONKS HIS HORN OVER AND OVER AND OVER AT 5 A.M.
 we started to walk across this bridge... but it was a bit nippy.  :)  so we turned back and went to some more gift shops. 
favorite shops:  the water's edge, any store in dewitt seitz building, the monkey store, and of course the fun candy store which ironically has a super weird name that i haven't noticed my whole. life. until this trip.
 see? i told ya.  it's weird.
the lovely light house, near rocks & water. 
 i sent my dad a text from here with this picture saying that 'i slipped' on the MN slip bridge. 
sadly, he does not get picture texts on his phone. 
this is from the amazing grace bakery in canal park.  i researched breakfast places to make sure we got something really good.  and good we got.  it was amazing (no pun intended this time).  i had pumpkin spice pancakes with sweet whipped cream.  jana ordered the caramel roll french toast.  reva got the omelet (she's so daring isn't she?!). 

we had a lovely time up north.  we missed our emily.  next time -- you will be there.  i'm saving my hotel rewards just for you.

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