Sunday, October 2, 2011

it's play time!

what i learned saturday night at edinborough park:

the slide is a bit of a surprise.  didn't see that one coming.  but reva did and she knew all.about.this. because when emily was here she went down the same slide.  somehow you end up at the bottom of the slide flat on your back.  and then you have people looking at you, pointing and laughing.  it's great.  really. 

when you slide on your knees across the gym floor like your little three year old is doing, it may look easy, but it's really not.  it is, however, a great way to roll your ankle.

be prepared to get stuck in a few places.  if i had a picture of me trying to push myself through these big padded columns with my butt sticking out, i'd totally post it here (yeah, right). 

enjoy being a kid.  nobody is watching you (except when you come out of the sneaky slide).  just embrace the fun in being silly and playing.  nobody plays anymore -- especially when they are grown ups.  we all need more play time.  kids help us remember that the best.

until next time... but i have to recover first.  ;)

recent quotes:
jake: look at my hamster!
marla: i think he needs a bath. how about we take him through the car wash? he can ride on the hood.
jake: i don't think the carwash has tear free soap...

chloe: can we paint your toenails?
marla: sure. and it doesn't have to be perfect, i'm aunt marla.
chloe to jake: jake! we get to paint marla's toenails! and it doesn't have to be perfect, she's just aunt marla!


  1. I love those kids SO MUCH.

  2. I was just looking for a "like" button. How pathetic is that? Facebook has over simplified me! But alas, I get to leave a comment. Thanks for the laugh:)