Thursday, October 27, 2011

A few of my favorite things

a picture from my cube neighbor --
i got her some tweezers so this picture was her
thank you email to me (RANDOM!)
my new favorite perfume.
thank you tjmaxx.  i am a maxxinista.
it's wednesday but i'm feeling like friday (it's named
"weekend" people, roll with me)
the most recent epsiode of parks & rec. 
i laugh my head off with this show!!
treat yo self cookies... ok so i didn't try these, but i did eat
a super yummy sugar cookie today at macy's. 
just a plain cookie with sprinkles.  super. good.
ninja cookies
i didn't try these yet, i'm just appreciating the look & design.  
i stumbled upon this soda at ...
old navy.  i know, weird.  it was at the front
and i needed a drink after doing some heavy clearance shopping.
it's really good.  like REALLY good. especially if you are
trying to go off diet coke.  which i do sporatically.
 think sheldon, big bang theory.
from LOL shirts. :) 
and last night, my dad and emily made the best. dinner. ever. 
my dad got a new food processor (go figure) and
he wanted to try it out. they made this and fresh coleslaw. 
quite the little chefs.  PLUS
they did this with two little ones interrupting them. :)

last but not least...
if you don't recognize the guy above,
i feel

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