Monday, October 24, 2011

The Family in the Dells

  • kids running through the halls all.night.long. 
  • a coke for three dollars
  • ordering domino's for dinner then realizing uno's chicago pizza was practically next door
  • thinking of all the things i should've brought
  • hotel shuttle with drunk people
  • being too busy (or wet) to grab the camera and taking all the pictures below before we left
priceless:  (practically cancels out the annoying)
  • swimming outside in october and seeing & feeling the SUN
  • sharing a bed with a three year old
  • singing lollipop, old macdonald, bingo and itsy bitsy spider before bed
  • dunkin' donuts for breakfast
  • emily's text to jana
  • going on the lazy river with chloe
  • watching benson drain a bottle in 2.5 seconds in the middle of the night, then falling asleep (crashing on my shoulder) between pats on the back 
  • laughing with emily in the car on the way home
  • getting an a&w rootbeer float and sharing it with eva and the entire back seat of dad's buick
  • seeing how happy the kids were in the water
  • watching the muppets take manhattan after jake requested it (soooo proud)
  • rolling down the hill and having races in the big field to kill some time while waiting for mom & emily to figure out how to arrive at the hotel
until next time kiddos!!

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