Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Two Favorite Things: Crossover Edition!

Last night I was watching Season 5 of LOST.  It's where they are looking at the old TVs in one of the hatches.  I glance on the TV and see Ralph the Dog and my mouth hung open...  so I rewound and watched it again.  Sure enough, the dude in the hatch is watching The Muppet Show. 



I'd just like to say - my obsession with LOST is the relationships.  The people. The journey.  It's not about polar bears and smoke monsters and plane crashes.  It's about humanity.  It's about the 'live together, die alone' theme.  It's about how we are all lost on our virtual island and how we are trying to figure out what our purpose is. And it's about how we need each other. It's deep.

Also, the Muppets are now everywhere.  This is the part where I say I LOVED THE MUPPETS BEFORE THEY WERE POPULAR. 

marla muppets

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