Friday, September 9, 2011

First Day of Cool Part II

Chloe's back to school shoes.  She's all glam and glitter.  This gal is packed with smiles and rainbows and butterflies. 

My dad took me shopping for shoes once.  He somehow convinced me to pick up these really super ugly grey shoes.  They have zero color but they were probably durable and decently priced.  We got home and I showed my mom the shoes.  Later I cried about them so my dad got my colored laces.  That fixed everything. (I think Mom bought me new shoes when my dad wasn't looking).
Chloe, age 5.  Returning from Kindergarten for the first time ever.
The next day when Reva woke her up she said ... "aww... school again?!"
We're in for a long haul folks.
Where did you sit when you were a kid? The middle or the front?
Or the back where all the gum is stuck on the seats?
No first day of school would be complete
without a Justin Bieber advertisement...
I mean backpack.

Until next year.
 Pretty soon, "big stuff" will
be getting on the bus, not even looking
back to wave.  But that's ok Rev, we'll grab him
and smush him and pinch his cheeks when he comes home.

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  1. Sigh ... love the pictures, love the kids, and the Momma and the Aunt!