Thursday, September 29, 2011


The lovely & talented A family.
A little bicycle kicker and a mischeivious biter.
The lovely & talented O family.
The happy-go-lucky one, blue eyes, & pint size trouble.

My favorite part of family pictures, however, is the OUTTAKES.
That's where the real story is told.
Please enjoy the following with my signature commentary...
I am going to lose my mind if you take one more picture of me!!!  Take that -- yeah, that's right - you just got served with my crazy eyes!
What you talkin' bout Willis?  I can make
WAYYYY more crazy eyes than you.
Top that.
Awww.... I feel SUPER LEFT OUT of the crazy eye pictures.
Never mind. Crazy eyes are overrated.  I like to be civilized and cross my legs for photo shoots.  I wanted to put a little cookie on my finger like in the tea commercial but I ate it.
Ha.  Ha ha ha ha.  He ate the cookie? Fer Reals?

Yes, he really did eat the cookie.  And now the sugar monster in the middle will have to find other sources for her sweet tooth. 

The End

Ps if you are looking for an amazing
sweet treat, go to Trader's Joes
and pick up a box of the dark chocolate
peanut butter cups.  They will blow.your.mind.

Pps If you are wondering where the outtakes are from the
A family, this is the only one I could salvage.
It's Dan of course.  With just a little
static cling.  And some sleepy eyes.

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  1. Where's your fam pic? I want to see you!!!!
    I'd pose with you. xoxo