Friday, August 5, 2011

Remember how I tried the Jucy Lucy?

Well here are the pictures. 
Ranzen came to visit Minneapolis
so she could have a hamburger
that she saw on the TV show
called Food Wars.
We walk in, wait on hour, get a waitress
with an attitude
and belly up to the bar
while watching this Muppet
cook the burgers.
He was very satirical. 
Beep boop boop beep.
(bet you didn't know the Muppet was a robot)
..^.^..Cooking hamburgers for hungry peoples.
Careful, it IS possible to burn yourself on the cheese.
Every burger comes with a strict warning.
One last fleeting glance...

I probably wouldn't go back, I'd make
but it was a fun outing.

And one goodbye message to my friend Kristin.

I wish we could rewind time too. :)

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