Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Marla:  [glancing at picture next to Chloe's bed]  That picture is disturbing.
*Chloe:  [rolls eyes] Mala!  That's Justin Beiber you know.
Marla:  Ugh.

Chloe: [random question while in the bathtub] Ma-la, when are you going to born some children?
Marla:  Um, are you asking me when I'm going to have babies?
Chloe:  Yes.
Marla:  Uh... here's how it goes.  Husband first, then babies. Ok?  Ok.

*Jake:  [getting out of bed again] Marla -- is this a mosquito bite on my face?
Marla:  Jake, is the house on fire?
Jake:  No, why are you asking that?  [getting alarmed]
Marla:  Because the only way you should be getting out of bed is if the house is on fire.
Jake:  But I was really worried about this mosquito bite.

[on a walk to the park, we see a half eaten mouse]
Marla:  Oh gross.  That mouse has no head.
Kids:  Ewwwwwww
[on the way back from the park]
Chloe:  I wanna see that mouse with no head again!

*Chloe age 5; Jake age 7

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  1. LOVE love love those kids. I always thought I'd want my kids to stay babies, but it's just too fun having them older (most of the time).