Monday, August 1, 2011

dear family in utah

remember when we went to Brigham city for five minutes?
and saw the temple and did a commercial for the
church but it turned out looking a bit... rainbow?
remember when benson smiled all.the.time?
remember when we dodged some balls at the bee's stadium (benson's face shows the shock)
and i had the best chicago hot dog ever?
remember when eva mooned me with her elmo pjs?
and instead of scolding, i just took a picture?
 remember when dan and eva thought it would be funny to
shine the flashlight in my eyes?
remember when Benson decided he could fly?
remember when we went to brigham city and the tabernacle
was closed and i tried every door to try to get in because the sign said
remember when i drank like 20 gallons of water and i had to pee at burger king
and i got eva that crown which she let me put on her head?
remember when we went to see's candies and
we had delicious chocolate truffles and i bought the whole store?
remember when benson's smile lit up grandma's front porch
and it was broad daylight?
remember when eva ate all the whipped cream and
wanted more so i just gave her the can?
what? you didn't know about that?  then never mind...
remember when benson's eyes were so blue, his lips so pink,
his reaction so surprised when out of nowhere a lifesize
twinkie popped out of the bushes?
i wish...
but at least there was some twinkie memorabilia in my bedroom at the Allen estates:
and last but not least, remember when i forgot where i was
but quickly remembered when i saw this car?
could it be...
UTAH?  ;)

what a fabulous trip. i'd do it again in a heartbeat. 


  1. This is a great post! I sure miss the UTah family:)