Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Child Labor Laws

Oh my gosh.  This kid thinks she can do anything.  She is a take charge, do what I say & get out of my way type of gal (and you better be careful if you are walking in front of her cart in the grocery store).

While in Utah, I was taking a rest on her little step stool that she uses to get into her big girl bed.  This conversation ensued:

Eva:  "Lala, Stan' up! Stan' up Lala!"
Me:  "Emily! Your daughter is bossing me! She's not the boss of me, is she?"
Eva:  Crawls up on her bed and grins.

Me:  "Ok, let's get in the tub!  There are BUBBLES! And we'll get your turtle!"
Eva:  "Go away Lala, Go away." 
Emily:  "That's not being a very nice girl Eva."
Eva:  Eying me and then the bath, "go away Lala!"

Love you Em -- & your family. 

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