Friday, August 26, 2011


They called him Kuch.  Short for Kucera.  The guys at the Police station that is.  It stuck.  I guess they figured it was better than Richard, or Sergeant, or heaven forbid - Dick.

My dad fixes stuff.  He's very handy.   Yesterday he fixed my garage, my shower, my cabinets, my closet.  He can pretty much do anything.  Before I got home, he took a walk to Canterbury to 'check it out' and he found a plant with some sort of bean on it, so he picked it up and put it in his pocket.  He wanted to go to Culver's for dinner.  We get up to the counter to order and he says 'can I get a sandwich with this bean on it?'.  Not. Kidding.  And the beautiful Spanish woman replies 'sure, I'll go back and wash that for you' without missing a beat. 

After I got done slapping him in the face, we dined on butter burgers and the best rootbeer ever (Culver's brand - not kidding, the best.  what are you still doing here - go try it already).

Jana & I have compiled a list of things that set my dad really loves:
  • discovering an 1/2 full can of pop on the counter
  • opening the fridge door for more than 1.5 seconds
  • finding the lights or the tv left on
  • using more than 1 square of toilet paper
  • making fun of him or laughing at him when he talks about varieties of rocks & trees
  • the phrase 'we're going shopping', even the word 'shop' makes him scowl
  • lots of lint in the dryer vent
  • anything sticky - honey, syrup, jam
  • reading a blog that is making fun of him
Love you Dad! We enjoy teasing you so.very.much.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mary Poppins has nothing on us...

She was a natural!

It was pretty bright.

The finished product.

Jake is a very intent little colorer.

Yes, kites kept getting tangled up with other kites but it
was pretty funny.

Such a happy little girl.

Super fun event.  They do it every year.  I think we'll be back. 
We had a great time.

Chloe:  Mala, can we go to the gas station now and get candy and slurpees?

Friday, August 19, 2011

10 Ways to Guarantee a RBSMT (warning: this is a snarky/ post)

A Really Boring Sacrament Meeting Talk involves the following:

1 Reading tons of quotes
(OMG, was that the entire chapter of the miracle of forgiveness? yes, i think it was!)
2 Reading your entire talk verbatim
(at the most pivotal part in the story you hear... "wait, i lost my place, bear with me brothers and sisters" shuffle, shuffle, shuffle)
3 Reading your entire talk verbatim...without looking up at. all.
(why is that person up there pretending he can't see us?)
4 Looking up the subject of your talk in the dictionary and sharing the definition
(using the dictionary is so 1998)
5 Not sharing any personal experiences
(come on, i know you have a story about how your sister's grandmother's aunt once blessed a sick buffalo and it got up and started walking again while on the trek to the great salt lake)
6 Trying to use random and ineffective analogies
(let's compare the Gospel to a three ring circus, you are the elephant, God is the circus master... NO NO NO)
7 Opening by telling everyone you didn't spend more than 10 minutes preparing
(watch at least 15 heads go down, it's not the wave, it's your audience playing solitaire)
8 Spending the first five minutes telling everyone how nervous you are and how fast your heart is beating
(come on, a seven year old just got up to bear his testimony)
9 Telling the story about how the member of the Bishopbric called you or cornered you in the hall and yada yada yada
(no.body. cares.)
10 Not even mentioning your topic, the. whole. time. and just talking about whatever you feel like
(we have no idea what your talk is about.  no really... zero idea.)

After writing down all the "dont's", I found this article from the Liahona.  I love the principles in it -- very simple and yet effective. 

Scripture, personal story or anecdote and testimony.  SPT.  Makes me think of spit.  :) 

Hey, whatever works.  Good luck on your next Sacrament meeting talk.  Whatever you do, don't be boring.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Marla:  [glancing at picture next to Chloe's bed]  That picture is disturbing.
*Chloe:  [rolls eyes] Mala!  That's Justin Beiber you know.
Marla:  Ugh.

Chloe: [random question while in the bathtub] Ma-la, when are you going to born some children?
Marla:  Um, are you asking me when I'm going to have babies?
Chloe:  Yes.
Marla:  Uh... here's how it goes.  Husband first, then babies. Ok?  Ok.

*Jake:  [getting out of bed again] Marla -- is this a mosquito bite on my face?
Marla:  Jake, is the house on fire?
Jake:  No, why are you asking that?  [getting alarmed]
Marla:  Because the only way you should be getting out of bed is if the house is on fire.
Jake:  But I was really worried about this mosquito bite.

[on a walk to the park, we see a half eaten mouse]
Marla:  Oh gross.  That mouse has no head.
Kids:  Ewwwwwww
[on the way back from the park]
Chloe:  I wanna see that mouse with no head again!

*Chloe age 5; Jake age 7

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love the Journey

"We are all fixing what is broken.
It is the task of a lifetime."

— Abraham Verghese, Cutting From Stone

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Something Grand, Something Infinite

If one feels the need of something grand, something infinite, something that makes one feel aware of God, one need not go far to find it. I think that I see something deeper, more infinite, more eternal than the ocean, in the expression of the eyes of a little baby when it wakes in the morning and coos or laughs because it sees the sun shining on its cradle.

~Vincent Van Gogh

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

Through the Eyes of a Child

Every child born into the world
is a new thought of God,
an ever fresh and radiant possibility.
~ Kate Douglas

Friday, August 5, 2011

Remember how I tried the Jucy Lucy?

Well here are the pictures. 
Ranzen came to visit Minneapolis
so she could have a hamburger
that she saw on the TV show
called Food Wars.
We walk in, wait on hour, get a waitress
with an attitude
and belly up to the bar
while watching this Muppet
cook the burgers.
He was very satirical. 
Beep boop boop beep.
(bet you didn't know the Muppet was a robot)
..^.^..Cooking hamburgers for hungry peoples.
Careful, it IS possible to burn yourself on the cheese.
Every burger comes with a strict warning.
One last fleeting glance...

I probably wouldn't go back, I'd make
but it was a fun outing.

And one goodbye message to my friend Kristin.

I wish we could rewind time too. :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I told you the Muppets were famous...

My friend Jodie just sent me a picture
from her trip to Hollywood.
Who knew?!
Kermit, you totally deserve this star. 

Child Labor Laws

Oh my gosh.  This kid thinks she can do anything.  She is a take charge, do what I say & get out of my way type of gal (and you better be careful if you are walking in front of her cart in the grocery store).

While in Utah, I was taking a rest on her little step stool that she uses to get into her big girl bed.  This conversation ensued:

Eva:  "Lala, Stan' up! Stan' up Lala!"
Me:  "Emily! Your daughter is bossing me! She's not the boss of me, is she?"
Eva:  Crawls up on her bed and grins.

Me:  "Ok, let's get in the tub!  There are BUBBLES! And we'll get your turtle!"
Eva:  "Go away Lala, Go away." 
Emily:  "That's not being a very nice girl Eva."
Eva:  Eying me and then the bath, "go away Lala!"

Love you Em -- & your family. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

dear family in utah

remember when we went to Brigham city for five minutes?
and saw the temple and did a commercial for the
church but it turned out looking a bit... rainbow?
remember when benson smiled all.the.time?
remember when we dodged some balls at the bee's stadium (benson's face shows the shock)
and i had the best chicago hot dog ever?
remember when eva mooned me with her elmo pjs?
and instead of scolding, i just took a picture?
 remember when dan and eva thought it would be funny to
shine the flashlight in my eyes?
remember when Benson decided he could fly?
remember when we went to brigham city and the tabernacle
was closed and i tried every door to try to get in because the sign said
remember when i drank like 20 gallons of water and i had to pee at burger king
and i got eva that crown which she let me put on her head?
remember when we went to see's candies and
we had delicious chocolate truffles and i bought the whole store?
remember when benson's smile lit up grandma's front porch
and it was broad daylight?
remember when eva ate all the whipped cream and
wanted more so i just gave her the can?
what? you didn't know about that?  then never mind...
remember when benson's eyes were so blue, his lips so pink,
his reaction so surprised when out of nowhere a lifesize
twinkie popped out of the bushes?
i wish...
but at least there was some twinkie memorabilia in my bedroom at the Allen estates:
and last but not least, remember when i forgot where i was
but quickly remembered when i saw this car?
could it be...
UTAH?  ;)

what a fabulous trip. i'd do it again in a heartbeat.