Sunday, July 17, 2011

Biking Wisconsin in a Heat Wave

The beginning.  I was super nervous. 
The tunnel.  Very wet & dark.  And foggy.  Super awesome.
Some of the tunnels had ice on the walls.
Tunnels.  The train guy would open the doors, and then hide in the wall to let the train pass.
We got way more muddy than this.  I considered doing a spray tan before the ride, but it would've washed off anyway. Besides, white is the new tan. 
 Our lovely & talented bike tour guide, Galen Erickson.
It rained.  It poured.  We were fashion models for ponchos.
So Trent sees this tree in the middle of the trail.  He bounces OFF his bike, jumps on the railing, picks up the branch and jumps on it.  I made him reenact it for the picture because he did it so quickly, just like Super Man as Anna says.
On da bike.
The bridge in Stillwater.
 The teenagers.  We had a little competition.  We let them win.
Beth & Trent <3
My basket. $5.99 in the kids section @ Target. Not very practical or effective, but fun. And my bell ($2.50).  :)

Such a fun trip.  Beautiful country, humid weather, bug eating, Super 8 bed sleeping, hot tub soaking, mud & dirt flinging, Amish people waving, loud girls singing, cave laughing & screaming, thunderstorm warnings, thighs burning, butts breaking, teenage boys winning... 

103 miles, truly an adventure to remember. 


  1. Kudos for doing that. Seriously. I'd be begging for air conditioning the whole ride.

  2. What a fun adventure! I love peeking in on your life.

  3. Were you serious about Everest after this? nevermind, of course you were. really, truly: I'm proud of you. To begin what we finish in life, with a little help from good friends, gives us strength to pursue the next challenging thing.

  4. Ooh! How fun! This looks like a fantastic trip... if only I could get my husband to like biking a little more (kidding of course). Its now on our list!