Friday, June 24, 2011

Gotta Have It

Evidently when I was little, I had a thing for Cookie Monster.  "Mama said" I threw a fit in the store, and would not lessen my hold on the furry blue creature.  She had to pay a ton of money in order to get me out of the store before someone called child services.  When I saw that I won, I was quiet for about five seconds with my monster in tow.

I'm happy to reveal that I'm over the stuffed animal stage of my life, but I'm definitely NOT over cookies.  And I. never. will. be.  Because why bother.  Cookies & me, we go together.
Hey look Ma - it's cheaper than it was in 1977!  Ker-azy!

Fast forward to a lovely Barnes & Noble outing with a precocious two year old walking around the store looking for things his height.  This book on trucks spoke to his two year old heart and there was no parting with it.  No discussion, no persuading, not even a quick peek at the price tag was granted. 
That kid tucked the book under his arm like a football, twisting and turning and faking us out until TOUCHDOWN, he's at the front of the store handing it over to the clerk.

Besides, how could you possibly say no to a face like this:

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