Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Want to read an article that may change your view of prayer?

"After the funeral, the house felt oddly clean and quiet– especially in little Robert’s room where his blue-trimmed crib lay empty. Just days before, Pam’s miracle baby had pulled himself up to standing, laughed at the sunshine and reached for her arms; but in the morning he was blue and still.

Pam stepped onto her back porch, turned her face to the moon and wondered how long her heart could continue to beat when she was so filled with pain. As she stood outside she began to hear whispers, to literally feel the prayers of all the friends, neighbors and family who were praying for her and her husband. They came to her like falling stars, tiny bits of light splintering the great blackness of grief.

I’ve thought of Pam’s experience on the back porch many times since she described it to me. Any time that I’ve thought that my one prayer couldn’t make a difference, or been shy to ask for prayers in my behalf, I’ve pictured that celestial meteor shower of hope and love."

Entire article HERE.

Doesn't it just make you want to get on your knees right this second and pray in your cubicle?  That might be awkward and weird, so don't do it.  It makes me think of the many people I've prayed for by name, and for the ones that I continue to pray for. 

That in saying the words, outloud, and sincerely asking Heavenly Father to watch over them really does make a difference. 

Because there IS someone listening.  Always.  What a miracle.

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