Sunday, May 1, 2011

Do you see what I see?

One of Chloe's favorite books is called I spy.  It's a collection of random stuff, crammed on every page and you have to find items that are listed in the columns.
I was reading her bedtime stories when she requested one more book.  I saw the title and sung the first line of the song 'do you see what I see'.  Her face turned bright and her eyes sparkled.  She wanted to keep singing that line over and over.  She'd say 'let's do that again' and she'd listen to see if we were on tune or not, and if we weren't, well, we had to do it again until we got it just right. 

There are tiny moments in life, like this one and so many others, where you want to bottle it up and keep it on the shelf.  There's not a photo or anything to hold in your hand... just a beautiful memory.  I believe life is made rich when we look for these opportunities.  If we slow down enough, we will find that we are surrounded by these moments.

Today another opportunity presented itself as I found myself playing piano in Primary.  We are practicing songs for Mother's day and the kids were bubbling with excitement.  I looked over and caught a private moment between mother and daughter.  Chloe was sitting next to Reva and while she was singing the song about mothers, she turned to Reva and started singing directly to her.  At the end, she pressed her little head into Reva's chest and wrapped herself into her mother's arms.  The moment was over in about five seconds and it could have been easily missed.  Seeing things like this make my life rich.  I feel like a millionaire, especially when I'm around these sweet children.  I've learned that I can find this type of moment even among strangers walking down the street, or on the bus or at the park.  This simple humanity surrounds us, this inherent goodness and kindness that we were born to experience.  I choose to focus on the good in the world instead of derision and destruction.  Because there is a point and a purpose to our journey and because kindness truly does matter.


  1. This post just made me that much more excited to come to Minnesota!!

  2. This post almost damn near made me cry!

  3. What a beautiful post Marla. Thanks for the reminder to look for these simple yet beatiful moments that happen every day.

  4. did make me cry. I'm so glad you're awesome at documenting memories cause I stink at it! It was so cute too cause right after Chloe hugged me then Kate did it was very cute. Love you Mar.