Tuesday, May 31, 2011

High Point, Low Point: My new game

Minnesota Restaurants:

High Point:
the french toast will change your life
and ranzen wanted to marry her pulled pork sandwich

Low Point:
the cheese looks like whizz
but the seedy bar atmosphere was really fun

marla:  so do we just choose a seat?
waitress:  unless you want to sit on someone's lap
marla:  you're funny
waitress:  ... just walks away

ranzen:  why did i eat that burger?
1 hour later
ranzen:  it wasn't even good!
marla:  heh heh heh

ps Fat Lorenzo's advertises their own gelato... I wouldn't brag about it if I were them. DQ is better.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shakopee Gems: Totem Eclipse of the Heart

Looking for a new landscaper? 
Doesn't this sign say it all. 
I mean, really. 
Why even shop around.
Near the sign was this lovely totem pole.
Random.  Must be a landscaping perk.

If anyone happens to know someone from this company, I'm sorry. 
I suggest an emergency revamp, but please move the totem to
my front yard.  It might help me sell my house if I ever
decide to move somewhere more whacked than Shakopee.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A day at the Park

The pursuit of truth and beauty is a
sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.
- Albert Einstein

Monday, May 23, 2011

Still a Winner

First of all, isn't she pretty?  I have loved Marlee Matlin for a long, long time.  Ever since she was on some lawyer drama.  She was on Celebrity Apprentice with the ding-a-ling Donald Trump, and she did amazing things for Starkey's image and for the foundation.  She didn't come in first, but she did at Starkey. 

Go Marlee!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

When MY Parents Text

me:  taking a nap, not coming to dinner.  let's do lunch next week.

dad:  geet outta bed! we are startin the party it's sunday, sunday gotta praise da Lord on sunday!

me:  clever.  you just made it onto when parents text.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Money Makin' Skillz

I played here for a lovely reception in
the historic Mayowood Mansion.
It was enchanting.

I had to snap a quick pic of the book on
Female Diseases.  We weren't allowed to touch the books so
I'll just have to wonder for the rest of my life about what was in there.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Can't get enough...


Pi Pun

ME: Done with my geometry final! I ALMOST DIED.
DAD: What’d you do, try to swallow an obtuse angle?
ME: Oh no..please tell me you didn’t just say that.
DAD: What..? You said you almost died. Perhaps you got food poisoning from some bad Pi.

Crowd Surfing

MOM: When you go to concerts…. and people get up on the stage and jump into the crowd, stage-diving? People think that its dangerous, but not me,, because humans are 95% water. So, the audience is 5% percent away from being a pool.

ME: Wow, mom.. just wow.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Want to read an article that may change your view of prayer?

"After the funeral, the house felt oddly clean and quiet– especially in little Robert’s room where his blue-trimmed crib lay empty. Just days before, Pam’s miracle baby had pulled himself up to standing, laughed at the sunshine and reached for her arms; but in the morning he was blue and still.

Pam stepped onto her back porch, turned her face to the moon and wondered how long her heart could continue to beat when she was so filled with pain. As she stood outside she began to hear whispers, to literally feel the prayers of all the friends, neighbors and family who were praying for her and her husband. They came to her like falling stars, tiny bits of light splintering the great blackness of grief.

I’ve thought of Pam’s experience on the back porch many times since she described it to me. Any time that I’ve thought that my one prayer couldn’t make a difference, or been shy to ask for prayers in my behalf, I’ve pictured that celestial meteor shower of hope and love."

Entire article HERE.

Doesn't it just make you want to get on your knees right this second and pray in your cubicle?  That might be awkward and weird, so don't do it.  It makes me think of the many people I've prayed for by name, and for the ones that I continue to pray for. 

That in saying the words, outloud, and sincerely asking Heavenly Father to watch over them really does make a difference. 

Because there IS someone listening.  Always.  What a miracle.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cutest Belly Button Ever.

See what I mean?
His toes aren't that bad either...
Nom, Nom, Nom
Welcome to the family little one.
You're stuck with us now...
Enjoy the wild ride.

Minnesota Nice

True or False?
Is MN really nice?
I hope so.
I love you Minnesota, even with
all your multiple personalities and
major mood swings.
Love, Marla

Monday, May 9, 2011

Why I had a moment of insanity and impulse and bought a very large, overstuffed teddy bear.

Everyone at Costco let me go to the front of the line - who knew all you had to do was pick up a huge bear.  He filled the whole front seat of my car.  I didn't put his seat belt on but I did take the carpool lane. 

It was pretty fun to see her face light up when I lugged this thing up the stairs.   I also taught her how to body slam the bear, which she quickly got the hang of. 

It was a fun, productive & educational day.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Do you see what I see?

One of Chloe's favorite books is called I spy.  It's a collection of random stuff, crammed on every page and you have to find items that are listed in the columns.
I was reading her bedtime stories when she requested one more book.  I saw the title and sung the first line of the song 'do you see what I see'.  Her face turned bright and her eyes sparkled.  She wanted to keep singing that line over and over.  She'd say 'let's do that again' and she'd listen to see if we were on tune or not, and if we weren't, well, we had to do it again until we got it just right. 

There are tiny moments in life, like this one and so many others, where you want to bottle it up and keep it on the shelf.  There's not a photo or anything to hold in your hand... just a beautiful memory.  I believe life is made rich when we look for these opportunities.  If we slow down enough, we will find that we are surrounded by these moments.

Today another opportunity presented itself as I found myself playing piano in Primary.  We are practicing songs for Mother's day and the kids were bubbling with excitement.  I looked over and caught a private moment between mother and daughter.  Chloe was sitting next to Reva and while she was singing the song about mothers, she turned to Reva and started singing directly to her.  At the end, she pressed her little head into Reva's chest and wrapped herself into her mother's arms.  The moment was over in about five seconds and it could have been easily missed.  Seeing things like this make my life rich.  I feel like a millionaire, especially when I'm around these sweet children.  I've learned that I can find this type of moment even among strangers walking down the street, or on the bus or at the park.  This simple humanity surrounds us, this inherent goodness and kindness that we were born to experience.  I choose to focus on the good in the world instead of derision and destruction.  Because there is a point and a purpose to our journey and because kindness truly does matter.