Friday, March 4, 2011

Two scoops of crazy with a side of coo-coo-cachoo

Does it seem like the world is going crazy? 

Here's a few examples I've noticed:

  • Road rage.  People on the roads seem extra pissed off lately. 
  • Charlie Sheen.  Self explanatory.
  • The price of diet coke has dropped very low but everything else is high.
  • The weird snow storms.
  • Many people either a) dying or b) waking up with cancer.
  • This clip isn't as funny anymore as it actually IS the Libyans.
  • Russel Hantz got voted off of Survivor.
  • Reruns of Vampire Diaries and Grey's Anatomy in the middle of March?!
  • My neighborhood is quiet and I haven't had to call 911 in awhile.
  • I got to the bottom of my laundry basket.
  • A truck rolled over and went Hog Wild.

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