Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Man in a Box. Only at Mall of America.

"There's a place for fun in your life, Mall of America!"
Get this, guy living at MOA for one month, encouraging people to be active.  Everyone can see what he eats, how he exercises, how he sleeps... thankfully the bathroom is private.

Do you think this guy is going to associate the Mall of America with fun after his 30 day stint of being in a glass box in front of thousands of people?

I don't think so.

I'd do it though -- for one month -- and eat twinkies and chocolates and jump on the bed.  It would also be fun to have like 10 friends in there and we could play games and make fun of people who walk by.  The possibilities are endless.


And, of course, there is a webcam.  It's kind of fascinating. I just saw the guy throw a piece of paper in the garbage can! 2 points!


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