Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kid Stuff

You know what? Despicable Me was a pretty cute movie.

He calls the little girl "Happy Meal" at some point.

I turn to Jake & Chloe and say:

I'm going to call you guys Happy Meal from now on.

To which Chloe replies innocently:  Are you going to eat us?

I guess they know how much I like Happy Meals.

Yesterday, after the movie, Jake, Chloe, Zayah & me seized the day.  I've been telling them all winter we were going to build a fort on the deck with all that ridiculous snow.  Seeing the sunshine and the light bouncing off the sparkling snow was more than I could resist.  I rethought it after only a few minutes of trying to get the children dressed in their snowclothes.  Chloe was crying because we couldn't find her pink snowpants.  Zayah's forehead was all crinkled because he was insisting on wearing tennis shoes instead of snow boots.  Jake was running around trying to help everyone.  Finally, by some kind of miracle, we were ready. 

We stepped out on to the deck... and started being kids.  Real kids.  The kind of kids who don't care if their fingers are falling off and they can't feel their toes. The kind of kids who stay on the ground in the wet snow after making snow angels to look up at the blue sky.  The kind of kids that are light hearted and free from worry. 

To the neighbors that witnessed this yelling and jumping and general atmosphere of rowdiness, I regret nothing. 

We were just being kids.

*Why no photos?  Because when you are seizing the day, there is only enough time to enjoy the moment.  I hope I remember this day when I'm 80.  And I will smile.


  1. Well, I certainly did (smile). You won't regret it. Your hearts took pictures. Love you, Mom

  2. I love this, Marla. I love how you're so young at heart. What a great way to live!