Monday, March 14, 2011

Get a Rope

Want to know about the newest craze in Kucera household?

Would you like to know how to never lose your remote ever, ever again?

How about finding out ways to coordinate duct tape with the decor in your bedroom?If yes, then this idea is all for you: 

"Oh No he didn't!"

Please note the duct tape.
He duct taped
the rope
to the bedpost. 

If you want your very own rope installed on your bedpost, call my dad at 1-800-redneck and he'll be out to see ya
after he kills some squirrels in the backyard for our dinner.


  1. That is the freakin best thing in the world! love your dad. But NO killing squirrels!

  2. That is awesome. You should have gotten the Knot book in the picture that is at his bedside. Oh, the irony. The man that practices knot tying at 2 and 3 in the morning using duct tape on his bed post. . .

  3. Dad gave up sending squirrels to their eternal reward after serious soul searching. He took the feeder that drew them to our yard, and that was the end of that. For reals about the remote "rope of recovery" though. We got so tired of losing that thing in the covers. And if it's duct taped to the bed, he can't throw it. Love, Mom ps Marla, you better watch out. He wants the house keys back. You took those photos with his camera and he's just a little grumpy at you. Think Chloe "I Mad" :)