Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability - Inspiring!

Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability Video on

I watched this TED video last night with a few amazing women who've had heart break and overcome things larger than themselves.  I hope it strikes a chord in your heart too.

"To be whole, let yourself break.
To be straight, let yourself bend.
To be full, let yourself be empty.
To be new, let yourself wear out.

To have everything, give everything up.
Knowing others is a kind of knowledge;
Knowing yourself is wisdom.

Conquering others requires strength;
Conquering yourself is true power.
To realize that you have enough is true wealth.
Pushing ahead may succeed,
But staying put brings endurance.

Die without perishing, and find the eternal.
To know that you do not know is strength.
Not knowing that you do not know is a sickness.
The cure begins with the recognition of the sickness.

Knowing what is permanent: enlightenment.
Not knowing what is permanent: disaster.
Knowing what is permanent opens the mind.
Open mind, open heart.
Open heart, magnanimity."

~Tao Te Ching

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